gordon tran phung

skincare, makeup, & all things beauty

Queer, Vietnamese content creator based in

San Francisco - specializing in quality user

generated content.

Passionate about normalizing skincare and

makeup for men, women, and

everyone in between.

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it's not just a

To me, it's not just simply user generated content.

It's years of passion poured into my work, ​reflected in high-quality videos from a queer ​POC's perspective.

Inclusivity and diversity will always be at the heart ​of everything I do.



Hiding in the bathroom before school, I used to

apply makeup as fast as possible while my mom

thought I was showering.

I loved the power that beauty gave me growing ​up. I put myself out there now so that young ​people, especially young Asian men and non-​binary folks, can see themselves in me.


my portfolio

This content was a part of the ​2022 Lunar New Year campaign at ​Sephora.

I created a reel highlighting 4 ​limited edition sets/products for ​the holiday.

This reel garnered a total of ​500,000+ impressions across paid ​social and organic social efforts on ​Instagram and TikTok.

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As part of the Super Solutions line ​launch at The Inkey List, I highlighted ​their hero 20% Niacinamide Serum.

Championing my bare skin and taking ​the viewers along for the journey, this ​reel felt relatable for many ​experiencing similar skin concerns.

The reel garnered over 2,600+ likes ​and 550+ comments across the ​brand's Instagram and TikTok.

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how to contact me

Email: gordontranphung1@gmail.com

Instagram: @schgordon

TikTok: @minion_gordon

Or simply click below (work smarter not harder, right?)

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